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  • 職位列表
    [ IRC5008 ] Entrepreneur in Residence
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    The System Verification Engineer demonstrates accountability and works consistently in practical ways for functional or organizational objectives. In this role, you will be mainly responsible for system integration and verification work that meet business need ...
    [ IRC5007 ] Sales Manager
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    The Sales Manager is responsible for expanding strategic revenue streams of airborne electronics from OEMs, MRO and Airlines in Aerospace industry, in alignment with company growth objectives.
    [ IRC4991 ] Principal Systems Engineer - Display Systems
    Phoenix, US 1 月前
    The Principal System Engineer role will be directly involved in the definition, architecting and development of display system/product and contribute directly to the current and future AVIAGE SYSTEMS products and systems. The successful candidate is expected t ...
    [ IRC4990 ] Customer Program Representative
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    The Customer Program Representative is responsible for the consistent achievement of company objectives related to customer satisfaction, retention and growth. Through the execution of effective leadership, this role is responsible for driving exceptional cust ...
    [ IRC4989 ] Principal System Engineer
    Phoenix, US 1 月前
    Role Summary/Purpose   Be a part of Ecosystem team! We create value for the users and enable OEMs and Hosted Function suppliers in Aviation area to execute their product development process more efficiently, through the use of new tools, labs and impr ...
    [ IRC4981 ] EIR - Project Manager
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    In this role, you will support BLU EIR team to plan and manage projects as directed by the functional leaders, the detailed responsibilities include managing product development projects plans, tracking against timelines and budgets, and status reporting to fu ...
    [ IRC4976 ] Product Support Engineer
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    The Product Support Engineer is responsible for providing efficient problem resolution, clarifications, and advice against relevant Service Requests on product operations and/or maintenance with high time sensitivity.
    [ IRC4973 ] Software Engineer
    Shanghai, China 1 月前
    Along with Aviation industry growth and digitalization approach, software applications are becoming more critical than before for aircraft and passengers, to support the future industry demand, AVIAGE SYSTEMS will invest more in software applications and provi ...
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