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  • [ IRC4981 ] EIR - Project Manager
    Shanghai, China發布時間:1 月前

    Brief Description:

    • In this role, you will support BLU EIR team to plan and manage projects as directed by the functional leaders, the detailed responsibilities include managing product development projects plans, tracking against timelines and budgets, and status reporting to functional leaders. You will be also be responsible for supporting scope management, cross-function communication, resource allocation, supplier management, cost management and risk management.


    • Manage AVIAGE BLU projects planning and implementation (cost, schedule, & status) through close interaction with function leaders and EIRs.
    • Monitor project progress, resource utilization and tracking project budget.
    • Support team resources sharing across the BLU Teams.
    • Identify / deploy most appropriate and common project management tools and processes to drive efficiencies and cost savings.
    • Act as a key interface to other functional organization for BLU projects alignment and help to resolve issues.
    • Utilize proven financial, analytical, and budgeting ability.
    • Utilize strong oral and written communication skills.
    • Utilize strong interpersonal skills.
    • Utilize ability to write clear project specifications, give clear instructions, and communicate with customers of all levels of an organization

    Qualifications Required:

    • Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Mathematics or Science
    • Background in Microsoft Office software packages including MS Project
    • Demonstrate competency in using standard project management tools
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
    • Organizational and analytical skills
    • Ability to work within a multi-discipline, cross-functional team to drive results
    • Fluency in written and spoken Mandarin and English

    Qualifications Desired:

    • Good understanding of airborne systems and/or products
    • Ability to develop software tool/script or plug-in to support auto-generation of project performance metrics
    • Technical and / or project leadership experience in an Aerospace product development (or equivalent) position
    • Strong quantitative, negotiation, presentation and conflict resolution skills
    • Ability to adopt, define/improve and execute department processes in a fast-changing environment
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