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  • [ IRC4991 ] Principal Systems Engineer - Display Systems
    Phoenix, US發布時間:1 月前

    Brief Description:

    • The Principal System Engineer role will be directly involved in the definition, architecting and development of display system/product and contribute directly to the current and future AVIAGE SYSTEMS products and systems. The successful candidate is expected to have strong technical background and expertise to lead to develop and deliver innovative and certifiable display system/product solutions for both AAM and Part 23/25 aircrafts. The role is expected to have strong communication skills and work closely with marketing and business teams to ensure that developed solutions serve market and business needs. The role will work actively with both customers and suppliers/partners to identify new system/product opportunities and requirements, propose and define cost effective system/product solutions to meet customer needs. Additionally, the role will guide others in achieving technical excellence by demonstrating technical leadership on projects and through mentoring and other capability building activities.


    • The successful candidate shall:
    • Develop state of the art system solutions for cockpit display system and associated products
    • Prototype, demonstrate and critically evaluate advanced designs for validation and proof of concepts
    • Lead technical and product roadmap development and perform trade studies to assess and select the right technologies
    • Lead HMI ConOps study and innovative designs to meet simplified operation requirement for eVTOL aircraft
    • Lead display system and products requirement definition, architecture and design validation to ensure delivery of low cost and SwaP products
    • Engage with customers, suppliers, partners and provide technical issues resolution
    • Assure proper documentation of technical data generated for the assigned projects and/or tasks consistent with engineering policies and procedures
    • Integrate processes across functional areas to improve coordination and maximize efficiency
    • Execute design, analysis, and evaluation of assigned projects adhering to business standards, practices, procedures, and product/program requirements, manage corresponding project schedules and costs
    • Provide technical guidance, mentoring, and training to engineers on system designs, methods and concepts in line with business needs

    Qualifications Required:

    • Minimum Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering/Sciences, Mathematics, or other related Engineering and Science fields from an accredited institution
    • Minimum of 10 years’ engineering experience of developing display system/product solutions for Part 23/25 or AAM aircrafts
    • Minimum of 5 years technical management or leading experience
    • Proficient cockpit display system and products knowledge (such as HDD, CAS, HUD, EVS, SVS, ISIS, etc.) and regulatory/standards awareness
    • Proficiency in system level requirement definition, architecture design, ICD definition, systems integration, verification and certification
    • Experience with HMI philosophy and requirement definition and valiation
    • Experience with using MBSE/MBD tools such as SCADE and EA tool for system modeling and designs
    • Experience with ARINC 664/429/825, ARINC 653, ARINC 661, DO-297, DO-160 standards and practice
    • Proficiency in ARP4754A standard and compliance
    • Knowledge of safety analysis and assessment method and process at system or aircraft level
    • Ability to independently achieve results in a cross-functional environment
    • Ability to engage and build positive relationships with customers and internal employees
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to guide and influence others

    Qualifications Desired:

    • Familiar with Simplified Vehicle Operation (SVO) concept and experience of developing innovative display system/products for AAM market
    • Experience and practice with DO-178, DO-254 standards
    • Work experience of other aircraft systems such as IMA, FMS, CNS, ADIRS, etc. and knowledge of flight operations
    • Proven experience working throughout all lifecycle of airborne systems development
    • Exceptional ability to program in at least one of the following computer languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Matlab, Python, Ada or other relevant language
    • Extensive program execution experience on medium to large system development
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